Indiana State Park: Ouabache It’s time for a Friday favorite!   Indiana State Park Ouabache is one of my favorite places to shoot, hike and enjoy God’s creation.  . Hiking is something I and my whole family love. Someone recently mentioned to me they love hiking, but didn’t know where to go.  So a blog about […]

Sep 4, 2020


Christmas Michigan Lighthouse photo by Simply Seeking Photography

Lighthouses, Waterfalls and Sandhill Cranes Our last day of vacation, we definitely made it count!  For me this was the best day of vacation!  We got to lighthouses, waterfalls and sandhill cranes!  Yes, sandhill cranes!  I was so excited and this alone would have made this the best day of vacation for me. Lighthouses Looking […]

Jul 12, 2019


Hiking trail photo by Simply Seeking Photography_0565

Kayaking, hiking and Wicked Tuna Kayaking, hiking and Wicked Tuna pretty much sums up our Saturday.  The forecast for today was cold but sunny.  We had big plans to get in lots of outdoor activity and then Gabe woke up not feeling well.  🙁  We had a little Saturday morning TV on and quickly got […]

Jul 5, 2019


Miner's Castle at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore photo by Simply Seeking Photography

Rainy Day, Sunshine and a hike to Miner’s Falls Thursday morning was bright with beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures!  A rainy day was on the horizon, and forecast to last all day from noon on.  After a leisurely morning breakfast with my sweetie, we headed out to enjoy the sunshine while it lasted.  Au Train […]

Jul 3, 2019


Marquette Maritime Museum

Marquette Wednesday we woke up to rain, so it was a good day to explore some museums and stock up on groceries.  We drove 45 minutes east to Marquette to visit the maritime museum.  I have to confess I didn’t know the exact definition of maritime.  So in case you also don’t know exactly what […]

Jun 28, 2019


View of East Chanel Lighthouse on Grand Island from Glass Bottom boat tour

Glass Bottomed Boat Tour The Glass Bottomed Boat Tour came highly recommended by Gabe’s future college roommate.   So it was high on the list of things we wanted to do.  The Glass Bottomed Boat Tours go out over Lake Superior, and the glass bottom allows an up close view of a few of the shipwrecks.  […]

Jun 25, 2019


Au Train Beach photo by Simply Seeking Photography

Cabin at Au Train Beach We left Indiana a little before 10 AM and almost 12 hours later we finally arrived at our cabin at Au Train Beach, Michigan.  It’s always a bit of a step of faith when you rent a cabin through a site like air bnb or vrbo.  We loved it instantly!  […]

Jun 22, 2019


We’re Off for a week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula The week prior to vacation was a whirlwind!  We spent the week preparing for my son’s high school graduation open house,  hosting the open house and then graduation day!  Amid all the graduation hoopla we didn’t start packing until  late Sunday night, and we were not […]

Jun 21, 2019