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Choosing an engagement ring

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May 16, 2018

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Choosing an engagement ring

Choosing an engagement ring… when it comes to all things wedding, that’s where it all starts, right?  Except for the relationship itself of course!  Whether you’ve dated for months or years, once you’ve decided to get married, choosing an engagement ring is usually the first step towards becoming a married couple.  Today excited to kick off a new blog series, partnering with local businesses to help you plan your wedding.  I recently spent some time with Dan and Jane Geimer  the owners of Daniel’s Jewelers in Bluffton, Indiana.  They graciously answered my many questions and let me spend some time photographing their beautiful jewelry.   So let’s talk about, what do you need to know when choosing an engagement ring?

jewelry bag- wedding bouquet

“What do you want a couple to know when shopping for a ring?”

Dan shared that first and foremost, you should

“Buy your ring from someone you TRUST!  Someone you know will be there to service and take care of you and your ring after your wedding.  Buy a quality ring even if it costs a little more. There is a reason it does. Stronger prongs, solid shanks will last longer.  Every ring is going to need maintenance at some point because gold is a soft metal and does wear down.” 

 Speaking from experience with a 23 year old wedding ring, I can say, this is so true!  I was in their store one day when Jane cleaned and inspected my ring, noticing two of the prongs, that hold in the diamond, were worn almost completely away.  Dan built them back up and a couple years later, did the same with the other two, keeping my diamond soundly in place.  I never knew gold was a soft metal, but that definitely explains why it frequently become more of an oval shape than round.  Jane has helped me out with this more than once!  


“How much should a couple expect to spend?”

This is really up to each individual couple how much they feel comfortable spending.  When we were planning our own wedding, Joe and I   decided to invested the most in the things that would last– in rings and photographs.  We’ll be married 23 years this summer, and would do the same all over again–we still love each other, our rings and our wedding photos–the bridesmaids dresses, not so much.  Here’s how Daniel’s jewelers can help you get the ring of your dreams, while staying on budget.

“We carry a wide range of price points.  It depends on how they want to shop. If they know they want a ½ carat diamond, and they have determined their budget; then we find the quality of diamond to fit that criteria. Sometimes they tell us it’s not the size of the diamond, but they want the best quality they can get and stay within their budget. Then we look for quality over size, might be smaller diamond but a higher color and clarity grade.”

Along with this I asked Dan if there is a way for a couple to maximize their dollars.

“Buy the best quality you can within your budget. You maximize your dollar by buying a ring that lasts longer. Quality craftsmanship, and a reliable dealer will help you get the most for your purchase. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

Can they choose their diamond?

One of the things that makes my ring so special to me, is knowing that Joe picked out the very diamond that is in my ring.  I wondered if this was a service Daniel’s Jewelers offered (Note: We did not live in Bluffton or know Dan and Jane at the time we were ring shopping).  Of course they do!  Dan shared

“Absolutely! At our store you can choose from a variety of sizes and qualities of diamonds. After choosing the perfect diamond we will help you choose the setting that best compliments her style.”  

If you have an heirloom diamond, like my cousin, they can also help you there.

“…we sell pre-made mountings that we can set your diamond in. We also do custom designs to create a special mounting just for you.”

halo engagement ring


So much more to come…

I had so many questions, and Dan had such great answers, that it’s too much to fit in one blog post!  Dan also gave insight into

  • Different ring materials with their pros and cons
  • Caring for your ring well from the beginning
  • The latest trends in wedding rings
  • Parent and wedding party gifts they offer
  • What makes Daniel’s Jewelers unique


I’ve known Dan and Jane for over 15 years.  They are great couple and I would never hesitate to trust them with my jewelry.   That’s a huge statement considering, I hate being without my wedding ring, for even a few hours!  They are very knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and extremely easy to work with.  They also truly care about their customers.  In Dan’s words

“You can go anywhere to buy your rings, but we want to know your story and help you make a choice that will someday be a family heirloom. We love to hear the stories from sons and daughters whose parents purchased rings from us twenty years ago! We won’t high pressure you into a purchase that doesn’t fit your budget or lifestyle. We want you to enjoy the shopping experience and feel at home at Daniel’s Jewelers!”

In  “Choosing an Engagement Ring Part 2”  setting styles and different metals are just a couple of the topics Dan covers.   Once you’re officially engaged here are The Top 5 things to Do When you Get Engaged

Here’s a peak at just a few of the wedding rings they offer.

engagement ring with man's wedding band

bridal set-on pink roses

bridal set

brides rings on flowers

halo wedding set

engagement ring on flowers

mans wedding ring with wood inlay

jewelry bag- wedding bouquet halo wedding set on flowers_

bridal set-lined up halo wedding set engagement ring on pink rose

bridal set-stacked

To see the full range of many products offered by Daniel’s Jewelers stop in their store located at :


Daniel's Jewelers Logo

Inter Urban Plaza                                            Monday-Friday:  9:30 AM – 6 PM 
2155 N Main St, Ste 4                                      Saturday: 9:30 AM – 4PM
Bluffton, Indiana                                              260-824-9643
Or visit their website at:
A special thank you to R Geary Floral for the beautiful bouquets used in these images.  You can read more about  and see more of her work in a blog post coming soon–Choosing Your Wedding Flowers.   You can also visit her website at :
To learn more about the Simply Seeking Photography wedding experience click here:


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